come with me
and I’ll build you a home down in the deep green drumble
where the wild sweet tittynope grows asconce and thither
across irregular slopes that reach down, down, down
to a floor of ferns,
their soft underbellies ripe with yellow-seeded tikes.

all I ask is you pause an hour and lift your thoughts
to the doctrine of sky, the language of trees
and the patois of berries that trill
Allelu! Allelu! as they frisk in your mouth.

for this they were born.
for this you were born all those zeroes ago,
a spark in the heart
of some sediment broth.

so come, you descendant of stones
to the ramshackle house I’ve made you.
we’ll lay up in bed a while
and eavesdrop the gimlet birds who brag of plump worms and dew.