Listen, Shadow

I am tired of our game

I hid under the bed of my father and mother

And you found me there

I slipped in the crevice behind the door

And held my breath in, silent, silent

And you found me there too

I ran the length of the day

And when I turned you were waiting

As if I had never moved at all

     So come, then, Shadow

     You've got boulders for my chest and knots for my belly

     You tie weights round my ankles

     And suck the air from my lungs

     How should I welcome you, when I know what you bring?

My civilization does not have time for DARKNESS

We ward you off with white pills

In silver packets

You are a symptom

A diagnosis on a checklist

You are that which keeps us from being wrinkle-free immortals.

     Listen, Shadow

     I welcome you now

     We'll sit awhile in the damp cave

     Where deep calls unto deep

     And I'll finally hear the stories

     You’ve been telling all along.

     I may groan and pant in the dirt

     But I won't run

     And I won't hide

     I'll stay until a bit of softness fills us both