How can we explain the day

When you and I were caught in the orbit

Of the same timeless oak

          Its colossal limbs twisting through atmosphere

          To find us and draw us close to the vertex

          Where two lines meet

                    I circled the tree at zenith

                    You found it in the nadir shadow

                    The only space between us: hours, a slight rotation of the earth

                                One might be tempted to say that time was

                                Our hindrance

                                But even that is uncertain

Could you hear the remnants of my voice?

Did you recognize my prints in the dirt

Near the old roots that thread towards the core?

          How many times have we orbited this

          Infinite tree of life

          Searching for a familiar pair of eyes?

                    What names have I known you by

                    In stone terraced cities, in rooms with wide open windows,

                    In vast plains that have never been plowed

                              What beacon towers have we built?                     

                              What Delphic torches have we burned

                              To light the points where our paths converge?